PUBG Mobile among latest Chinese apps banned in India

PUBG Mobile is hugely popular game in India and worldwide.

Firstly the ban on the popular mobile game happened on Wednesday by the Indian Government.

PUBG with other China Apps was banned in India.

Above all India-China tension is the main reason for the app ban.

There are around 33 million active PUBG players in India.The ban comes as a shock to gamers. 

Similarly, not just India, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is immensely popular across the world.

However, Many people criticise the popular gaming app.

For instance, It has addictive nature and its detrimental effects on the health of children according to many parents.


The other countries where PUBG Mobile faced Ban are:


In July 2020, Pakistan temporarily banned PUBG on the grounds of the addictive nature of the game.

PTA authority of Pakistan took the move to ban the app.

After that, they banned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds receiving complaints from their society.

Many parents blamed the game being detrimental to players’ health.


In 2019, Iraqi banned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Blue Whale, and similar online video games in the country.

They claimed that the games caused social and psychological issues to the public. The country’s parliament said that that the games are harmful to society and a potential national security threat.


In July 2019, the government of Jordan cited the negative effects of PUBG on the kingdom’s citizens and banned it.Meanwhile Psychologists in the country had warned that the game encourages violence and contributes to bullying among youth.

The ban is there permanently.The government is strictly against the addiction it gives.

Moreover, it harms the children and their thinking ability.

The side effects of this game is the biggest problem as players play for long hours in this game.

This is why it faced ban in major countries.

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