Is your business struggling in COVID-19 pandemic ? Let’s talk about Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 that can help you uplift your business !

Digital marketing trends are the new big thing in 2020 during COVID-19.Why brands must focus on digital marketing and their trends in 2020, more than ever now! The way world has changed this year Digital Marketing has become very important for brands in 2020.

As the Internet became a regular part of our daily lives.Digital marketing trends in 2020 has proven itself to be a major boost for brands.

The only thing brands must focus on is Digital Marketing in 2020 with new its new trends.The world in this pandemic is majorly relying in digital marketing in 2020 and its changing trends.

Considering there are around 4.5 Billion Internet users globally.Large amount of businesses now focus on creating their online brand image because that is where their customers are in todays world.

Although in the past few months, COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and multiple businesses globally in unpredictable way.

Marketing campaigns/production of many brands are paused in 2020.

It also includes various digital marketing initiatives that were to happen if COVID was not here in 2020.

Today, it is very important for marketers to look above & beyond this situation to gain a long-term view of the picture before pausing their digital marketing activities.People are spending much more time online now more than before.

As the coronavirus pandemic has made a quarter of the world’s population sit under lockdown.

Internet usage has upped by 50-70%, according to Forbes.

Hence, brands need to carefully design their digital marketing strategy and find new & productive ways to communicate at this time.

How brand like Nike overcome the COVID-19 crisis via Digital Marketing !

The digital marketing strategy of Nike was literally the best use of online platform.

Below we will talk about Nike’s digital marketing initiatives and planning!

About Nike:

Nike offers a wide range of products including shoes, apparel and equipment. Nike products focus on high quality.

It is the market leader in sportswear industry and derives its maximum revenue from sale of sport shoes. It offers great variety of products including special type of shoes for every category of sports.

Nike has adapted to the changing times are now designing and selling smart digital tech enabled products.

These products have capability of connect to iPod nano bringing about the combination of products from Apple Inc and Nike which measure the performance of the sportsperson.

Besides these, NIKEid is an innovative sub brand of Nike which allows its customers to design and customise the features of their desired products as per their requirements which attracts the greater audience.

Nike also offers new service of personal trainer to its consumers for various types of sports.

Besides that Nike has its own subsidiary and a very important brand named on the legend Michael Jordan itself “Jordan”.

Jordan is the king of street wear.Is regarded widely as one of the Nike best selling sneakers.

How Nike made its Digital Approach in COVID-19 Lockdown:

Nike did form its own COVID-19 strategy.The major focus of Nike was on digital platform during the worldwide lockdown.

John Donahoe, Nike’s chief executive, discussed the quartet of strategic pillars that support its Coronavirus response – namely, “containment”, “recovery”, “normalisation” and “return to growth” with investors.

The first phase of Nike’s response to COVID-19 involves “containment of the outbreak,” he explained, over a timeframe that will, necessarily, vary by country.

In this period, stores were closed and Nike pivots wherever possible to provide digital services to consumers that will be spending a lot of time indoors

That approach already proved efficacious in China, Japan and South Korea.

“Stores were closed, but the e-commerce growth in all the markets remained strong during that time.

Augmented by Nike’s connecting with consumers around being active while at home,” Donahoe said.

This strategy was initially applied on all of their products online.
When the virus sparked store closures across China, Nike embraced a hard pivot to digital sales and marketing.

While sales still took a hit as physical stores were closed, the company’s ability to tap into, and even build on, its robust digital channels eased the pain and, the company says, aided with a quick bounce-back.

Nike’s Digital Promotion Strategy during COVID-19:

Nike advertised their upcoming products in SNKRS calendar section online on their website.Online campaign named “#playinside” was also launched by Nike.

It promoted social distancing amid coronavirus pandemic.

Brands like Jordan promoted it first.

digital marketing trends 2020

The campaign promotion was followed by Athletes like Ronaldo,Tiger Woods,Carli Loyd promoting the campaign on their social media platforms.

digital marketing trends 2020

Moreover through this campaign only Nike made extremely good downloads of their NTC app which provides workout.

By this weekly active use of Nike’s fitness apps rose upto 80%.

Some other famous online campaigns of Nike during the COVID-19 outbreak were using basketball player LeBron James and making a video named “Never Too Far Down”.

Nike also promoted “Don’t do it” campaign to stand against racism.

They focused on social media awareness and social issues on their online campaigns.

Rather than doing their product campaign which was the key to the success of their online campaigns.

Even Nike’s Collaboration with Luxury Brand “Dior” For Air Jordan 1 Dior sneaker which has already grabbed eye balls of many.

It did release this year during COVID-19 lockdown.

It has generated resale amount of 2000$ per pair.

The resale amount is massive.All the sales were done online by Nike.

Here in the “Dior” Air Jordan 1 sneaker collaboration Nike limited the quantity of their Dior Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

This resulted in a very big hype eventually and their online sale was a huge success.

In the website Nike also did removal of changes to ancillary fees (e.g., shipping and handling)

It was done to encourage buying channel shifts.

Nike even offered 15% off and discounts with student id on their website.

They also lowered or bundled their shoes pricing to support higher average order volumes, even at lesser margins digitally.

Nike also optimised its website during the COVID outbreak. Implementation of chat was not present before.Even expanded chat and phone support hours options were provided to their online customers
They also gave Virtual alternatives to previously in-person or sales-
guided activities (e.g., self-guided demos, how-to videos & frequent auto generated emails)

So taking some lessons from Nike, here are a few ideas you might find helpful for your digital marketing initiatives during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Setting the right tone of content:

Set the right tone of your content to communicate during this challenging time. It is important for brands to make an emotional connect with customers. Also the message given must be chose carefully.

One must create engaging paid and organic content which is meaningful and relevant during this time; for example many brands are changing their logos to indicate and publicize social distancing like Uber & Swiggy.

Brand messaging or even tagline can highlight the importance of social distancing and staying at home to keep everyone safe.

2. Doing email marketing more than ever during this time:

It is important that brands keep their audience engaged in some way or other digitally.

But they need to avoid using bulk and automated emails/texts at this time and plan their email marketing strategically.

If you are sending to emails to customers explaining how your business is handling the crisis.Then make sure the information is relevant to the reality and use the platform to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Make sure your customers know that you are open for business and running it normally.

How you are navigating the problems and the situation won’t impact any of your product deliveries. Individually reach out to your customers by sending them personalized emails and newsletters.

Text Messaging at this time will ultimately play a crucial role in defining your brands relationship with your customers going forward during the COVID-19 outbreak.

3. Tracking consumer behavior:

Keep a very close eye on how your customer behavior is evolving and changing during these times.

Eventually when the world bids adieu/bye to the COVID-19, the customer buying behavior might have changed and transformed as their interest or will to invest in products or services.

Their own needs and expectations from brands, spending patterns and much more will change.

It is essential for brands to dive deep into these major changes and work on their digital media strategies according to that.

4. Avoid launching any product except for COVID related items:

One must make a smart move, and avoid any product launches during this time. Even it is very essential this is not the right time to launch any new products amidst these crisis times.

It even doesn’t matter if one is launching the product /services via digital marketing platform as the brands efforts might not lead to expected results and even might hamper/tarnish the brand image.

Schedule the release for the future, when the market reopens and things get back to normal.

5. Make Sure Your Business is visible Online:

As mentioned above that during this time more people are online right now on digital platform than before. Search traffic has increased significantly over the past months and will continue to climb up till the lockdown is there.

We are all fixed to our computers / laptops and phones looking for updates within our community and society. People are also looking for entertainment and ways to pass their time online and for many this includes shopping online.

Anything and everything online on digital is being consumed more than ever.

So this is not the time to be hide online. Brands should be using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to climb to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) so that the users can easily find their business online.

This is not a time for a business to go under cave and not focus on digital platform regularly.

At this time digital is the key medium between the seller and customer.

6. Focus on Local SEO:

Local SEO is now much more Relevant and so are the online reviews

Everyone has reduced their travel and are staying inside their home. In this rare time when one can not leave its house.

People are mostly looking for nearby destinations for services and supplies.

So as a company/brand one must want to make sure your business is using local SEO strategies to optimize their website for “near me” searches.

As we want customers in our geo region to be able to easily find us online so that customers turn to us first.

At a time when we’re all looking for more convenience and hassle free experience.This gives our business a chance to provide assistance during a critical time for families.

Another way to boost our local SEO during this time is to not forget about the importance of adding positive reviews and feedbacks.

During the coronavirus, online reputation management is extremely important because this is a great time to really connect with the right target audience during a chaotic time.

Giving the right service or product for people during this hard and stressful time.

When customers need it most during this COVID-19 pandemic is the key.Which will be rewarded with a good positive review.

Wrapping Up-

If you’ve been looking and searching for “what are some good marketing ideas” currently, we hope we’ve given you plenty information.

What these COVID-19 marketing ideas show us are business owners that refuse to bury their self despite the trying times.

Hopefully you too, can get some insight from these smart marketing tips during the coronavirus and use them for your business.

Just be sure to adjust your strategies and marketing and adapt accordingly with changing times. Meet your customers where they are now (and that’s mostly at home and online).

Find a way to be searchable and give your business the best chance to stay online by making your website easily found online through a strategic SEO strategy.

Yes, these are challenging times for everyone.

But your business can still flourish and go on good if you’re willing to try a new approach and not pull back on your marketing during a critical time for your company to show compassion and adaptability.

Now is the time to connect with your customers like never before and not separate from them.

To read more about the latest happenings in the digital world stay tuned to our website.

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